Friday, January 16, 2009

video game rant

Last night I played L4D versus with a team of strangers. Normally this is a terrible idea, but these guys were pretty nice and they stuck together. However, they thought they were hot shit because they "usually won" and knew all the tricks like moving the generator and smoker instant kill spots. I soon realized what idiocy I was dealing with when they

a. didn't duck down when vomited on so we could protect them.
b. hung around in rooms for no particular reason.
c. thought that the primo location for the last level of No Mercy was THE ROOFTOP. I'm sorry, what? Why are we up here? We could just go under the ramp and be untouchable -NO MAN Cause this is a prime spot man! The machine gun is here and the molotovs and pipe bombs are up here too! 5 seconds later everyone is either smoked off the roof or punched off by the tank. Good job guys, you're geniuses.

Sorry, I know this is an art blog, but I just had to rant for a sec.

Moral of the story is:

If you are not an idiot my xbox gamertag is: XsmashieX

Let's play Left 4 Dead.


Ben Passmore said...

thank you for the well wishing, though I won't be riding until this summer (it's a bit chilly for a trip now I think.)

Isaac said...