Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reel Life

I'll probably add color tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Survival Mode

Don't know yet on title for this guy.

Ten pieces of mine were hung up at Artworks on Main today! I am now, officially, a starving gallery artist! Now if only some of those will sell.

If you live or are around the charlotte area of North Carolina take a trip to Mooresville and see the gallery.

artworks on main

It's a great little space that offers classes for the young and old.

Survival Mode tonight anyone?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For Isaac

Klunk expressed concern so I'll share that yesterday I went to a new still-life museum and I have to say I wasn't moved.

In other news, I found this artist, Paul Caparatta, who creates these works using butterfly wings. There is just something about them that I like. The wings are taken off of fallen butterflies in Africa. Many of these works are sold for charity to support the villages that collect the wings.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Journalistic Malpractice

I wish to not make this blog about anything very important. It is a blog for my art and the occasional pun.

HOWEVER, I am mad. I am not filled with hate as some would say, but I am mad and I have to share a point with you.

I saw Janeane Garofalo on NBC speaking about the tea party protestors. In her words everyone in attendance is a "red-neck, tea-bagging, racist who hates the idea of a black man in the white house." or something just like that. She went on to "reveal the truth" about how the protests were put on by big corporations and fox news. hmm...truth?

I went to the Charlotte protest. I have my reasons.

I wish that all of these people bashing the protests would kindly do what they preach so much about, but never actually practice: open-mindedness. I don't know of ONE protest that was sponsored by Fox news, or a corporation. None of these gatherings were violent or hate-filled. Of course there is anger -IT'S A PROTEST!

Garofalo says I'm a racist and it was a white power rally that I supported. I have to say there were more jews, present company included, and Israel supporters there than at any Klan meeting I've ever been to (which is A LOT).

If she had actually gone to one of these events instead of just reading about it or seeing what the main-steamer media told her about, she would have seen that race was not even a factor. I saw more offensive posters about Nancy Pelosi than Obama. I would say yes, there were more republicans there than democrats, but there were a lot of dems and a lot of independents as well. Plenty of people openly stated they voted for Obama, which is OBVIOUSLY the sign of a racist, but they didn't agree with his...um..."leadership"?

The best speaker we had was a representative from the Ayn Rand association. And man, what a bunch of unintellectual, cro-magnons we must be because we actually have read books not on Oprah's book list.

And GEEZ! What a racist country we live in when people gather and cheer on a speaker who is AFRICAN AMERICAN. He was more black than Obama!

This was not about race. This was not about ignorance. This was not about corporations and Foxnews.

This was about people disagreeing with the direction this country has been heading...and most people agree it STARTED WITH THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

So yeah I guess we're all a bunch of racists who love Bush and have farmer tans and hate the environment.

If you're allowed to protest, I'm allowed to protest.


A new guy. Work in progress.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hey! So I've been graduated for a few weeks now and it feels pretty, pretty, pretty good.

I am now being represented by the gallery Artworks On Main in Mooresville, NC, and I should have some work hung up before the end of next week. Exciting!

Hopefully I'll have some sort of job soon.

Here is some new work and work in progress:

This is a new piece for the gallery.

BURN fest! New music fest poster I'm working on in SC in June.