Sunday, August 17, 2008

True Colors.

I never got a chance to see The First Step. Their last show is in PA on Sept 6th. I want more than anything to go. If I can get there then I can also go see my parents in Clevo. I'm not looking for handouts, but if there are any bands or anybody out there that need some artwork done, That would help me go. I also sell all of my work, so if anybody wants some original art I have TONS.

Latest movies watched:

The Grudge - C-
Cigarette Burns - D-
The Orphanage - A-
Teeth - B

I recommend 'Teeth'. It's for the laaaadies.



Chuck Right said...

youre the best flyer maker ever.

KNOWlEDGE said...

I'd say that's arguable, but thanks!